My Space on MySpace

“Just visited MySpace. Half the lights are out, bears are living in my comments section, and a homeless guy’s been pooping in my blog.”



So much for diversity.

5 thoughts on “My Space on MySpace

  1. So wildly off topic…I reecntly found your LJ through various mucking about on the internet. And I was wondering if you would mind if I friended you?You may not remember, but we met lo these many moons ago at Violette’s book launch for the Mirror Prince at Novel Idea. I’m an old friend of Nicola’s and she introduced us. Anyway I remember fondly sharing fannish glee and you not being able to tell me who was going to play Vicki in Blood Ties (Christina Cox is awesome by the way).

  2. I already know my Kim kardashian sex tape accomplishes what MySpace attempts to do. But I can’t be sure until I get a tape player. Then I’ll really be making some progress!

  3. Other countries censor content and not just rogue regimes such as the Iranian mullocracy. Poor people!

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