Fair Doinkum

Like many people, I suspect, I do a lot of online searching. Sometimes I get “searcher’s block” and vamp for a moment or two, searching for something silly, or purposely misspelled.

Today, I typed in a variant of “Fair Dinkum“. Instead I typed “Fair Doinkum“. Sounded amusing to me at the time. I got no result! It occurred to me that I’d found the salvation to my occasional writer’s block. I can blog about words that search engines don’t recognize (until they index this blog). And so here we are.

What is “Fair Doinkum” you might ask? Well, stopping to think about it, it must mean asserting that you did in fact doink that girl that your friend doesn’t believe you could. Or, a well deserved (fair) doinking.

Still mystified? You probably need to know the meaning of “Fair Dinkum” from which I derived “Fair Doinkum”. No need to give examples. Log onto Twitter and search for “fair dinkum”.

The best reference I could quickly fish out: World Wide Words offers a Fair Dinkum article… Eponymously if you ask me.  By the way, I really like that site. Tip o’ the hat to Michael Quinion, erstwhile Brit Etymologist.

But if you search, as is often the case, you’ll get a lot of irrelevance despite Google’s collective Phd power. Stay away from the Urban Dictionary! It has more SEO (Search Engine Optimization for ad sales) than it does useful content.


Image via Wikipedia